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Multimeter: Testing DC Voltage

A simple circuit that glows an LED when connected to power supply.. Connecting LED directly to the power supply will damage it, hence a resistance of suitable value must be connected in series for its proper operation. Following the standard color convention,red wire serves as the positive connection lead while black one is the common or negative lead. In this tutorial, we will be measuring DC voltage and current in the circuit.

Measure Voltage using Multimeter
12 V DC supply is used to power the circuit. The LED will glow as soon as we connect the wires to the power source. Make sure that all the connections are tight. If the LED doesn’t glow after connecting the supply, then check the connection and the LED.

A.Connect the testing leads to the multimeter.

B.Turn the knob to the DV voltage segment in the multimeter at 40 DCV.

C.Connect the probes in the circuit according to the polarity.

D. Power on the Multimeter.

E. Note down the reading.

The multimeter will show the voltage across the circuit. For example the voltage across this circuit is 11.84V


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