Embedded Systems Study Materials and C Programming Examples with Simulation Videos

This Section Deals in Designing Embedded Systems And C Programming.Your camera or a phone or a hot-point washing machine, all of them has some form of processor functioning from it. Associated with each processor will be the embedded software. If hardware forms the entire body of an controller system, embedded processor acts because the brain, and embed software forms it is soul. It will be the embedded software which often primarily governs the functioning of embedded systems.

Use of microprocessor-specific assembly-only as the programming language reduced and embedded systems moved onto C as the embedded programming language of choice. C is the most widely used programming language for embedded processors/controllers. Assembly is also used but mainly to implement those portions of the code where very high timing accuracy, code size efficiency, etc. are prime requirements.Due to the wide acceptance of C in the embedded systems, various kinds of support tools like compilers & cross-compilers, ICE, etc. came up and all this facilitated development of embedded systems using C.

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