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Proteus Tutorials And Simulation Complete Reference

Proteus is a Excellent Professional software for simulation of Circuit,PCB and Board Designing(3D).
It is marketed by Labcenter Electronics Ltd company.

Labcenter Profile
Labcenter Electronics Ltd. was founded in 1988 by the chairman and chief software architect John Jameson. The initial launch of our Proteus design suite followed soon after and has since benefited from nearly 25 years continuous development, evolving into one of the most cost effective, fully featured EDA packages on the market. 

With current sales in over 50 countries spanning the globe Labcenter is continuously expanding both its product portfolio and its customer base.(Taken from Labcenter Electronics Ltd site).
You can download Demo Version of Proteus HERE.

Tutorials And Simulation Complete INDEX:

Logic Gates- AND Gate

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

INDEX - Science Tutorials

Science Tutorials-INDEX
This section is about topics from general Science or Physics or Electronics.You can request a topic here.

Motor Types-Introduction

3.Special resistors
Colour Coding Of Resistances
Measuring Resistance - Using Multi Meter

Types of Capacitor

Basics Of Electric Current
Transformer Working Principal
Electromotive force (EMF)
Photoelectric Effect-Tutorial
Laws of Resistance and Specific Resistance
Effect of temperature on Resistance Of Materials
Voltage Source and Current Source
Body Or Chassis Ground in Circuits
Zero Voltage Or Reference Voltage Level

Voltage Divider
Current Divider

Testing AC Voltage
Testing DC Voltage
Testing Continuity
Testing Resistors
Measuring Current
Testing Diodes/LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

INDEX-Tutorials for Flow Code Programming and Simulation

Categorized Topics

We are using Flow Code Simulation Software from MATRIX for Programming and Testing,You will find topics from Flow Code Programming and Simulation.You can request a topic here.If some links are not working please let me know.

Flowcode is one of the world's most advanced graphical programming languages for micro-controllers. The great advantage of Flowcode is that it allows those with little to no programming experience to create complex electronic systems in minutes. Flowcode is available in multiple languages and currently supports the PICmicro, dsPIC, PIC24, AVR/Arduino and ARM series of micro controllers.You can Download the Demo Software HERE.


Seven Segment LED Display 
  1. Using Seven Segment with PIC16F88
  2. Counting using loops(Seven Segment with PIC16F88)
  3. Counting switch presses(Seven Segment with PIC16F88)

Timers and Counters
  1. Timed Counter And Use of Timer Interrupt(PIC16F88)

ADC Programming
  1. ADC Simulation In Flow Code
  2. Servo with ADC control input ,Flow Code Simulation
  3. ADC-Voltage as Float(LCD with PIC16F1937)
  4. ADC-Voltage as String (LCD with PIC16F1937)
  5. ADC Sampling and outputting to a LCD(LCD with PIC16F1937)

Pulse Width Modulation(Motors Simulation)
  1. Pulse Width Modulation Simulation in Micro-controllers(PIC16F877)

Servo Motors 
  1. Servo with ADC control input ,Flow Code Simulation
  2. Single servo motor control with PIC16F88
  3. Multi servo motor control with PIC16F88

Stepper Motors 

LED and Switches
  1. Lighting an LED with PIC16F88-FlowCode
  2. Masked inputs with PIC16F88
  3. Outputting an 8-bit value with PIC16F88 
  4. Reading a switch and outputting to a LED with PIC16F88
  5. Controlling a single output pin with PIC16F88

LCD(16x2) Display
  1. ADC-Voltage as Float(LCD with PIC16F1937)
  2. ADC-Voltage as String (LCD with PIC16F1937)
  3. ADC Sampling and outputting to a LCD(LCD with PIC16F1937)
  4. Printing Number on 16x2 LCD Display with PIC16F88
  5. Printing and Updating Number on 16x2 LCD Display
  6. Printing a Two line(String) message (LCD 16x2) PIC16F88
  7. Printing a formatted number on ( LCD 16x2 )
  8. Digital Clock On LCD (16x2) PIC16F1937 Used

Graphical LCD Display
  1. Graphical LCD-3D Text Example-Flow Code with PIC16F88
  2. Graphical LCD-2 Channel Scope Example-Flow Code with PIC16F88
  3. Graphical LCD-Pong game Example-Flow Code with PIC16F877
  4. 3D Text Example-Flow Code with PIC16F88

Serial Transmission (RS232, RS485,)
  1. Sending String with PIC16F877A
  2. String Receive with PIC16F877A
  3. Simple Echo Send and Receive PIC16F88
Miscellaneous Project
  1. PIC18F4455 ADC Sampling and Writing to SDCard FlowCode Simulation
Keypad and LED Display 
  1. Keypad and LED Interfacing With PIC16F88
  2. LCD Interfacing With Keypad PIC16F877A FlowCode Microcontroller Programming
Data Types and Manipulation  
  1. Converting Float Data to String Array Using PIC16F88
  2. Converting String Array Data to Float Type Data

(Note:Extreme care has been taken in topics selection and corresponding links.Please let us know if particular topic or links are not working.We always welcome our readers Suggestion.)

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