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Types of Capacitor

Types of Capacitor

Capacitor is an electronic component that stores electric charge. The capacitor is made of 2 close conductors (usually plates) that are separated by a dielectric material. The plates accumulate electric charge when connected to power source. One plate accumulates positive charge and the other plate accumulates negative charge.
The capacitance is the amount of electric charge that is stored in the capacitor at voltage of 1 Volt.
The capacitance is measured in units of Farad (F).

Note:The capacitance is dependent upon the surface area of the plates, the distance between the dielectric medium and the dielectric constant of the object. The greater the area of the plates, the closer they are together and greater the value of the dielectric constant the greater is the value of capacitance.
The capacitance of a capacitor is also affected by the shape or structure of the capacitors.

Types of capacitors:

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