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ADC Simulation In Flow Code

ADC Simulation In Flow Code

Flow Code for AVR controllers is used here.This software is best for starters as well as for experts for simulation of whole project. In this example we are using LCD to display the results of ADC calculation as float values on the LCD as seen in the examples code and videos.

  1. ADC-Voltage as String (LCD with PIC16F1937)
  2. ADC Sampling and outputting to a LCD(LCD with PIC16F1937)

Here is the complete list of projects:

Tutorials for Flow Code Programming and Simulation

In video you will be able to see stepwise execution of program and their effect on LCD in panel which is by default in the software .

By varying Pot Driver(used as analog sensors to generate signal) we will get different values.

Video Tutorials:


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ADC Simulation In Flow Code 
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