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Single Servo Motors control with PIC16F88 -Flowcode Simulation

Here we are using FlowCode Simulation Software for Programming and Testing with PIC16F88 for Simulation of this project .It shows how to use and simulate and program Servo Motors for use in different projects.

Here is the Flow code program:
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Setting used can be seen in the video.We are using ADC ( Analog to Digital Converter) which you can see as switch.Since we are using 8 Bit range of ADC is zero to 255 i.e. Range-256.LCD display is used for displaying ADC values.

Servo motor will move to proportional to ADC values.
For starters,servo motors does not rotate full circle i.e. 180 degree of rotation in To and Fro pendulum like motion. Here single servo is used for simulation.

More concept and properties of Servo motors please see: Servo Motors.
For concept of  Different types of Motors and their properties please see: 
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Micro-controller used is PIC16F88 with LED array.
In video you will be able to see stepwise execution of program and their effect on servo motors in panel which is by default in the software .

Flow code Simulation and how to do Video Tutorial:

You can Download Flow Code Program File :C Code
Flow Code Program

Flow Code Program PDF

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