Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Printing a Two line(String) message (LCD 16x2) PIC16F88 FlowCode Programming and Simulation

We have been using FlowCode Simulation Software for Programming and Testing with PIC16F88.It shows how to use and simulate and program LCD for use in different projects.In this Project we are printing two line message on 16x2 LCD Display.In First line "Ingenuity Dias" is continuously displayed and in second line "tech-inventory" is displayed.Varying the delay and write-erase sequence can be manipulated to get desired result.

Here is the Flow code program:

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Micro-controller used is PIC16F88 with 16x2 LCD for printing characters and strings in two line display.You can change the string as per your requirement and delay to display the string.You can use a single character instead of string if required.

In video you will be able to see step-wise execution of program and their effect on LCD in panel which is by default in the software .

Flow code Simulation and how to do Video Tutorial:

You can Download Flowcode Program File :
C Code
Flow Code Program

Here is the complete list of projects:

Tutorials for Flow Code Programming and Simulation

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