Thursday, 27 August 2015

Keypad and LED Interfacing With PIC16F88 FlowCode Programming And Simulation

In this sample project we are using FlowCode Simulation Software for Programming and Testing with PIC16F88.It shows how to use and simulate and program Keypad with LED for use in different projects.In this Project we are testing Keypad and outputting binary values to LED (Light Emitting Diodes ).Varying the delay and write-erase sequence can be manipulated to get desired result.

Above is the Flow code program:

Keypad Introduction:-The invention of the keypad is attributed to John E. Kerlin, an industrial psychologist at Bell Labs in Murray Hill.A computer keyboard usually has a small numeric keypad on the side, in addition to the other number keys on the top, but with a calculator-style arrangement of buttons that allow more efficient entry of numerical data.

This number pad (commonly abbreviated to "numpad") is usually positioned on the right side of the keyboard because most people are right-handed.

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