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Harmonic Progression-Write A Program To Find SUM of Infinite HP.- C Programming Examples

As we have started C Programming coding with Example Series, We have published last posts "Write A Program To Find SUM of AP" and "Write A Program To Find SUM of GP Sequence". We have chosen to start with mathematical series and in this post you will find some basic idea and some useful concepts about Harmonic Progression (H.P.).You can download C Codes below.Please let us know your feedback.

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Harmonic Progression/Sequence Step-wise Video Tutorial(See C- Codes Below ):

In mathematics, a Harmonic Progression (or harmonic sequence) is a progression formed by taking the reciprocals of an arithmetic progression. In other words, it is a sequence of the form. 
where −a/d is not a natural number and k is a natural number.

Equivalently, a sequence is a harmonic progression when each term is the harmonic mean of the neighboring terms.It is not possible for a harmonic progression (other than the trivial case where a = 1 and k = 0) to sum to an integer. The reason is that, necessarily, at least one denominator of the progression will be divisible by a prime number that does not divide any other denominator.

A general H.P. is 1/a + 1/(a + d) + 1(a + 2d) + ...

nth term of an H.P. = 1/[a +(n -1)d]

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