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On this page we are presenting our video tutorials and reference materials for users.We have tried to categories videos in different headings.Our blog deals in mainly Programming and Simulation techniques for different platform Like Flow-Code, AVR Studio, Turbo C/C++, Keil IDE, IAR Workbench, MPLab. We have included different ready to use programming code  for download by users.You can find them on the related blog-post. 

Our Official Video Channel IngenuityDias

We request our user to give feedback regarding the study materials and link(if not working).Users can also contribute in form of blog-post or videos, for submitting articles please contact us using Contact Form available below.Readers can write to our technical team at

C Programming:-

Data Types In C Programming:-

Science Tutorials:-

Electronics Tutorials:-

Motors Tutorials:-

Liquid Crystal Display:-

LED And Switch:-

Proteus Programming:-

Robotics And Automation:-

Analog To Digital Conversion:-

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